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Mayor's Court Self Study Initial Education Classes

  1. 6-Hour Initial Mayor's Court Self-Study Education Classes ~ Pre-Recorded Webinars

    In order to receive initial certification through the OML, you must participate in these self-study education courses. Instructions and materials will be sent via email  to participate in this self-study course once payment is received . Certificates will be sent to participants by email 7-10 business days after the completion of the class. 

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    General:  Offenses Other Than Alcohol and Drug Related Traffic Offenses

    OVI: Alcohol and Drug Related Traffic Offenses

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    Membership status can be obtained from

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  8. Credit card payment link appears on the confirmation page once you hit submit (page sometimes populates behind form) In the description box please put the name of  the person who the registration is for if the name on the card differs from the attendee. 
    The 3.5 % third party service fee will automatically be calculated by the vendor and may appear as a separate charge.   

  9. The Ohio Municipal League, 175 S. Third Street #510, Columbus, Ohio  43215

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