Ohio Association of Public Safety Directors

March 2021

To:       Directors of Public Safety

From:   Jeffry Armbruster, OAPSD President
            North Ridgeville Safety/Service Director


Greetings!  The New Year has undoubtedly brought new challenges for all of us.  Feeling safe and secure within our homes and communities is a basic human desire and essential function of local government. It is a key determinant in the perception of the quality of life in a community.  As communities grow or contract, the need for safe public, private, residential, commercial and industrial environments, where citizens are able to fully enjoy and connect with their communities continues. The nature of public service dictates that none of us are alone in these public safety challenges.

As a member of the OAPSD and now President, I believe it is imperative that we each make a concerted effort to contact other Directors of Public Safety in the State of Ohio, and encourage all of them to join our organization. We must continue to stress to everyone we can that the Ohio Association of Public Safety Directors is an important voice for state and local safety forces and public safety issues.

The OAPSD is dedicated to addressing the unique problems, issues, responsibilities, and experiences of public safety officials, and to promote the general health and welfare of the cities, townships and villages of the State of Ohio.  Further, we need to emphasize that we do not have to stand alone with our individual issues, problems, and concerns.  Our organization has flourished into an assembly whom through collectively communicating our ideas and opinions, sharing thoughts and input has been a source of support and conduit to each other and the communities we serve.  The comradery we have established has strongly afforded us many opportunities with the OML, House, State, Senate and lobbyist groups.  As OAPSD members, we strive to keep abreast of new legislation and other public safety issues which impact or affect the public safety of the cities and villages of our great state. The OAPSD stands ready and willing to assist member communities. 

The OAPSD is also experimenting with quarterly regional seminars in an effort to offer conveniently located updates on topics of interest to our members across the state. Suggestions on topics that you would like to see featured in these seminars are welcomed. Registration and conference information is included in this mailing.