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July 24, 2015



Although the Ohio legislature has officially adjourned for their summer recess, returning to their districts to participate in the local fairs, festivals and parades that fill political calendars during this time of year, back at the Ohio Statehouse bills continue to be introduced and ready for consideration upon the return of the members of the Ohio House and Senate in mid September.

One of those bills that have recently been introduced is a proposal of particular concern to Ohio cities and villages and a legislative attempt the Ohio Municipal League strongly objects to. On Tuesday, Senator Kris Jordan (R-Delaware) introduced SB 198 which is a reintroduction of legislation the Senator sponsored last General Assembly, SB 282 which will prohibit municipal corporations from levying an income tax on nonresidents' compensation for personal services or on net profits from a sole proprietorship owned by a nonresident. A link to the text of the bill and other information can be accessed here: www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-documents?id=GA131-SB-198

Municipal leaders may remember that the previous SB 282, the same bill as the newly introduced SB 198, restricting the ability of the nearly 600 Ohio cities and villages who have an income tax to have that earnings tax apply only to residents, providing no municipal tax obligation for those who work and earn an income in a municipality other than the municipality where they reside, if any, received one hearing in the Senate Ways and Means committee and was not advanced legislatively by the Ohio Senate.

The league will be watching the legislation closely and will alert our members if the bill is placed on the Senate Ways and Means committee hearing schedule. In the meantime, with the introduction of this very dangerous and poorly conceived legislative proposal, when you see your state legislative members around this summer, please discuss any concerns you as a municipal leader may have with them on this topic and share with them what it would mean for the financial future of your community if residents were the only source of revenue for your municipal income tax.



Ohio Senate President Keith Faber and Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger released their legislative schedules for the remaining half of 2015. The Ohio Senate has a total of 17 dates scheduled for floor session remaining in the year, with two dates scheduled on an “if needed” basis. The Senate is scheduled to return from summer recess September 15 th, kicking off three consecutive weeks of session.

The Ohio House will return to session September 30 th and have a total of ten dates slated for days where the House will be in full session with floor votes.

As a reminder to our members and bulletin subscribers, the OML Legislative Bulletins will be produced less frequently over the next couple months, while legislative activity around Capital Square quiets down. We will send out bulletins as situations warrant, keeping our members up to date on any legislative activity that may occur.

Have a great weekend~

Committee Schedule

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