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August 21 , 2015



On Friday, August 14, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) issued final guidance that requires state and local governments for the first time to disclose information about tax abatement agreements.

The disclosure requirements in GASB Statement #77, Tax Abatement Disclosures, are designed to provide financial statement users with essential information about these agreements and the impact they have on a government’s finances.

GASB noted that governments often agree to abate or reduce the taxes of individuals and entities to promote economic development, job growth, redevelopment of blighted or underdeveloped areas, and other actions that are beneficial to the government or its citizens. Many state and local governments have tax abatement programs in place and the effects of tax abatements on their financial health and ability to raise revenue can be substantial. GASB officials go on to state that, until now it has been difficult to determine the extent and nature of these effects from financial statements. GASB Chair David A. Vaudt stated, “this new guidance will result in people who use governmental financial statements having access to essential information about the tax abatements governments enter into.” 


The new Statement #77 requires governments to disclose information about their own tax abatements separately from information about tax abatements that are entered into by other governments and reduce the reporting government’s tax revenues. The new disclosures about a government’s own tax abatement agreements include:

The new disclosures about tax abatements that are entered into by other governments and reduce the reporting government’s tax revenues include:

The full text of the Statement is available on the GASB website,  www.gasb.org

In January, the National League of Cities joined with the Government Finance Officers Association, International City/County Management Association, The U.S. Conference of Mayors and the National Association of Counties to jointly express their united opposition to the proposal and request the GASB reconsider the adoption of the new standards. The primary points of opposition expressed by these local government organizations centered on the degree of difficulty many governments will face complying with the new reporting standards due to the sheer volume of information required and there is concern that the enhanced information will provide a misleading impression of the overall impact of a government’s tax abatement programs by not taking into account the anticipated return on investment. A copy of the letter of opposition signed by each organization to GASB can be found HERE.



Below is a list of bills that have been introduced over the summer break by members of the Ohio House and Senate.

House Bills:



HB 234

SEX OFFENSES (Johnson, G., Fedor, T.) To eliminate the period of limitation for the criminal prosecution of a person for rape, sexual battery, or complicity to commit rape or sexual battery, eliminate the spousal exceptions for the offenses of rape and sexual battery, and to permit a person to testify against the person's spouse in a prosecution for sexual battery. Am. 2901.13, 2907.02, 2907.03, and 2945.42

HB 235

CCW LICENSES (Terhar, L.) To waive the concealed carry license fee for active members of the armed forces and retired and honorably discharged veterans and to accept military experience with firearms as proof of competency with firearms regardless of when the applicant for a license acquired the experience. Am. 2923.125

HB 236

PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS (Landis, A., Blessing, L.) To require professional engineers to complete continuing professional development hours in professional ethics or rules relevant to engineering or surveying practices. Am. 4733.151

HB 237

TRANSPORTATION COMPANIES (Duffey, M., Hackett, B.) To regulate transportation network companies and transportation network company services. Am. 3938.01, 3938.02, 3938.03, 3938.04, 4925.01, 4925.02, 4925.03, 4925.04, 4925.05, 4925.06, 4925.07, 4925.08, 4925.09, and 4925.10

HB 238

LAND CONVEYANCE (Sears, B., McColley, R.) To authorize the conveyance of state-owned real property.

HB 239

CORRECTIONS FUNDS (Sears, B.) To allow the Director of Budget and Management to transfer funds from the Adult and Juvenile Correctional Facilities Bond Retirement Fund to any fund created in the state treasury administered by the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction or the Department of Youth Services, to create the Community Programs Fund, and to authorize the conveyance of state owned real property. Am. 5120.092 and to enact section 5120.80

HB 240

CORONER LAW (Huffman, S., Johnson, T.) To recognize that coroners include medical examiners; to change the qualifications for holding office as a coroner of a charter county; to require, under certain conditions, and to authorize, under other conditions, supplemental compensation for coroners who are forensic pathologists; to revise how the office of coroner is filled when a vacancy cannot be filled by election or appointment; to specify the disposition of a firearm when a person meets death under certain circumstances; to specify who pays for the autopsy of an inmate of a state correctional facility; and to make other changes to the coroners' law. Am. 9.15, 313.01, 313.02, 313.04, 313.05, 313.14, 313.161, and 325.15 and to repeal section 313.141.

HB 241

MONTH DESIGNATION (Grossman, C., Curtin, M.) To designate the month of September as "Hunger Action Month." En. 5.256

HB 242

DAY DESIGNATION (Hagan, C., Dever, J.) To designate the fourth Sunday of July as Blue Star Mothers Day. En. 5.2298

HB 243

ARCHITECTS (Schaffer, T.) To make changes governing the architects board and the landscape architects board regarding continuing education requirements. Am. 4703.02 and 4703.33

HB 244

DAY DESIGNATION (Rosenberger, C., Johnson, T.) To designate the tenth day of November as Armed Services, Peace Officer, First Responder, and Dual Service Recognition Day. Am. 5.28

HB 245

LICENSE PLATE (Fedor, T., Bishoff, H.) To create the "Women Veterans" license plate. Am. 4503.581

HB 246

ABSENTEE BALLOT APPLICATIONS (Clyde, K.) To modify the circumstances under which the Secretary of State and other public officials and employees may mail unsolicited applications for absent voter's ballots. Am. 3501.05, 3517.13, and 3517.992 and to enact section 3509.031

HB 247

SEXUAL ORIENTATION THERAPY (Driehaus, D., Phillips, D.) To prohibit certain health care professionals from engaging in sexual orientation change efforts when treating minor patients. Am. 4723.93, 4731.96, 4732.34, 4743.09, and 4757.46

HB 248

MEDICAID DRUG COVERAGE (Sprague, R., Antonio, N.) To prohibit certain health care plans and the Medicaid program from denying coverage for opioid analgesic drugs with abuse-deterrent technology based solely on cost. Am. 1739.05 and 5167.12 and to enact sections 1751.691, 3923.851, and 5164.091

HB 249

DRUG OVERDOSES (Driehaus, D., Sprague, R.) To provide an immunity from arrest, prosecution, or conviction, or to permit a court to consider drug treatment or as a mitigating factor in supervised release sanctioning, for a minor drug possession offense for a person who seeks or obtains medical assistance for self or another person who is experiencing a medical emergency as a result of ingesting drugs or for a person who is experiencing such a medical emergency and for whom medical assistance is sought. Am. 2925.11, 2929.13, 2929.141, 2929.15, 2929.25, and 2967.28

HB 250

MEDICAID DRUGS (Sprague, R., Driehaus, D.) Regarding Medicaid pharmacy utilization management programs and prior authorization requirements for certain opioids. Am. 5164.01, 5167.12, and 5167.13 and to enact sections 5164.7511, 5167.121, and 5167.15

HB 251

MEDICAID BEHAVIORAL CARE (Sprague, R., Driehaus, D.) To establish certain requirements regarding the Medicaid program's coverage of community behavioral health services. Am. 103.41, 5164.01, 5167.01, and 5167.03 and to enact sections 103.416, 103.417, 5164.151, and 5167.04

HB 252

TREASURER FEES (Hackett, B., Ryan, S.) To adjust the fees allowed to county treasurers for collecting property taxes. Am. 321.26.

HB 253

RURAL JOBS (Retherford, W.) To enact the "Ohio Rural Jobs Act" which authorizes a nonrefundable tax credit for insurance companies that invest in rural business growth funds, which are certified to provide capital to rural and agricultural businesses Am. 5725.98 and 5729.98 and to enact sections 122.15, 122.151, 122.152, 122.153, and 122.154.

HB 254

ROAD NAMING (Ruhl, M.) To designate a portion of State Route 13 within Knox County as the "William "Bill" Burgett Highway." En. 5534.90.

HB 255

ABORTION (Brinkman, T., Hagan, C.) To expand the regulation of inducing an abortion with certain drugs. Am. 109.572, 2919.123, 2953.25, 4729.291, 4731.22, and 4731.223; to amend, for the purpose of adopting a new section number as indicated in parentheses, section 2919.123 (2919.201); and to enact sections 2919.20, 2919.202, 2919.203, 2919.204, 2919.205, 2919.206, 2919.207, and 2919.208.

HB 256

ROAD NAMING (Maag, R.) To designate a portion of state route forty-eight within Warren county as the "SFC Bobby Lee Estle Memorial Highway." En. 5534.23.

HB 257

STATE OPERATIONS (Becker, J.) To modify the law governing re-employed retirants; to expand the immunity from liability for certain health care professionals, workers, and organizations when providing care to indigent and uninsured individuals; to require the Department of Health to ensure that certain funds are not used to perform elective abortions, or promote or affiliate with any entity that performs elective abortions; to modify the method of calculating the severance tax; to make certain changes to the sales tax; to modify the income tax rates and calculation; and to reduce General Revenue Fund appropriations for the fiscal biennium ending June 30, 2017; and to eliminate Medicaid funding for the group described in section 192(a)(10)(i)(VIII) of the "Social Security Act," 42 U.S.C. 1396a(a)(10)(A)(i)(VIII). Am. 145.01, 145.191, 145.38, 145.384, 145.471, 145.472, 145.58, 742.26, 1509.01, 1509.02, 1509.11, 1509.34, 2305.234, 2305.2341, 3307.01, 3307.35, 3307.352, 3309.341, 3309.344, 3501.13, 5703.052, 5703.19, 5739.01, 5747.02, 5747.05, 5747.08, 5747.41, 5749.01, 5749.02, 5749.03, 5749.04, 5749.06, 5749.07, 5749.08, 5749.10, 5749.12, 5749.13, 5749.14, 5749.15, and 5749.17, to enact sections 190.01, 190.02, 190.03, 190.04, 321.50, 3701.034, 5163.04, and 5747.027, and to repeal sections 145.381, 145.382, 1509.50, 3307.353, and 3309.345.

HB 258

LIQUOR PERMITS (Henne, M.) To generally prohibit, for purposes of expansion of a liquor permit holder's premises during certain times of the year, the presence of operable motor vehicles in the expanded area while beer or intoxicating liquor is being served. Am. 4303.27.

HB 259

INSURANCE CERTIFICATES (Ryan, S., Sears, B.) To regulate certificates of insurance prepared or issued to verify the purchase of property or casualty insurance coverage. En. 3938.01, 3938.02, 3938.03, 3938.04, 3938.05, 3938.06, 3938.07, 3938.08, and 3938.09.

HB 260

WEEK DESIGNATION (Blessing, L.) To designate the first week of December as "Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Week." En. 5.2240.

HB 261

TRAUMA SYSTEM (Grossman, C., Huffman, S.) To establish the State Trauma Board in the Ohio Department of Health, to require that facilities that provide trauma care be designated by the Board as level I, II, or III trauma centers, and to provide that the amendment by this act to section 101.82 of the Revised Code terminates on December 31, 2016. Am. 101.82, 3701.83, 3727.09, 3727.10, 3727.102, 4511.81, 4765.01, 4765.02, 4765.03, 4765.04, 4765.05, 4765.06, 4765.07, 4765.11, 4765.16, 4765.35, 4765.37, 4765.38, 4765.39, 4765.40, 4765.41, and 4765.50; to amend, for the purpose of adopting new section numbers as indicated in parentheses, sections 3727.09 (3728.15), 3727.10 (3728.16), and 3727.102 (3728.25); to enact sections 3728.01, 3728.02, 3728.03, 3728.06, 3728.07, 3728.09, 3728.10, 3728.11, 3728.12, 3728.20, 3728.21, 3728.22, 3728.23, 3728.24, 3728.26, 3728.28, 3728.30, 4731.28, and 4765.44; and to repeal sections 3727.081 and 3727.101

HB 262

DISCRIMINATION (Stinziano, M., Johnson, G.) To allow a municipal corporation to request assistance from the Ohio Civil Rights Commission in receiving, investigating, passing upon, and enforcing alleged violations of an ordinance of the municipal corporation that prohibits discrimination and to require the Ohio Civil Rights Commission to provide the assistance if the resources necessary are available. Am. 4112.04 and to enact section 4112.16

HB 263

PAY RAISES (Rogers, J., Celebrezze, N.) To increase judicial salaries and the salaries of county elected officials, township trustees, township fiscal officers, and boards of elections members, to reinstate the annual cost of living adjustment to their salaries, and to make appropriations. Am. 141.04, 141.13, 325.18, 505.24, 507.09, 1901.11, 1907.16, and 3501.12

HB 264

MONTH DESIGNATION (Barnes, J.) To enact the "Respect Your Date Act" to designate the month of April as "Respect Your Date Month" and to require each state institution of higher education to adopt a policy regarding dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and rape on campus and to declare an emergency. Am. 2298 and 3345.43

HB 265

ROAD NAMING (Hood, R.) To designate a portion of the Nelsonville Bypass of U.S. Route 33 as the "State Senator C. Stanley Mechem Memorial Highway." Am. 5534.52

HB 266

RESPIRATORY CARE (Schuring, K.) To modify the laws governing respiratory care professionals. Am. 4730.09, 4761.01, 4761.03, 4761.04, 4761.05, 4761.06, 4761.07, 4761.09, 4761.11, and 4761.17

HB 267

DEER (Ruhl, M.) To establish a deer sanctuary license to allow a licensee to raise deer, to establish requirements governing such a license, to require the Chief of the Division of Wildlife to issue a wild animal permit to allow a permit holder to rehabilitate deer, to establish procedures that certain law enforcement officers must follow when responding to accidents involving injured or deceased deer, and to require training for those officers regarding humane procedures for euthanizing injured deer. Am. 109.73, 109.74, 1533.08, and 1533.121 and to enact sections 901.80 and 901.801

HB 268

HUMAN TRAFFICKING (Hall, D., Dever, J.) To expand the list of human trafficking-related convictions and delinquency adjudications that may be expunged, to increase the penalties for compelling prostitution and promoting prostitution, and to authorize intervention in lieu of conviction for persons charged with committing an offense while a victim of compelling prostitution. Am. 2151.358, 2907.21, 2907.22, 2951.041, and 2953.38

HB 269

TAX CREDIT (Smith, K., LaTourette, S.) To authorize a refundable income tax credit for individual investors in a sound recording production company equal to a portion of the company's costs for a recording production or recording infrastructure project in Ohio. Am. 5747.98 and to enact sections 122.851 and 5747.67

HB 270

OVERDOSE DEATHS (Dever, J., Pelanda, D.) To provide that causing the death of another person by an overdose that results from the offender's sale, distribution, dispensation, or administration of a controlled substance or controlled substance analog is a violation of the offense of involuntary manslaughter and to makes this provision a strict liability offense. Am. 2903.04

HB 271

ROAD NAMING (Smith, R., Ryan, S.) To designate a portion of State Route 93 within Jackson County as the "Lieutenant Stephen Byus Memorial Highway."

HB 272

TAX EXEMPTION (Johnson, G., Sykes, E.) To exempt from sales and use tax the sale of tampons and other feminine hygiene products associated with menstruation. Am. 5739.02

HB 273

UNOCCUPIED HOMES (Pelanda, D.) Regarding the removal of abandoned or unoccupied manufactured homes, mobile homes, or recreational vehicles from manufactured home parks. Am. 1923.12, 1923.13, and 1923.14 and to enact section 4781.56

HB 274

APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAMS (Hagan, C.) To create a subprogram of the College Credit Plus Program that permits students to participate in certified apprenticeship programs. Am. 3365.16

HB 275

VISION CARE (Schuring, K.) Regarding limitations imposed by health insurers on vision care services. Am. 1739.05, 1753.07, 1753.09, 3901.21, 3963.01, 3963.02, and 3963.03 and to enact sections 1751.72 and 3923.84

HB 276

CHIROPRACTORS (Schuring, K.) To authorize chiropractors to engage in certain activities involving nutrition-related items and therapies, nonprescription drugs, and medical goods and devices. Am. 4734.15

HB 277

911 LEVIES (Brenner, A.) To authorize a county, township, or municipal corporation to impose a 9-1-1 system levy in only the portion of the subdivision that would be served by the 9-1-1 system. Am. 5705.19

HB 278

HUMANE SOCIETIES (Hambley, S.) To require approval by the board of county commissioners, instead of the probate judge, of appointments of agents by county humane societies outside a municipal corporation, to specify that a county humane society is a political subdivision, to make its directors, agents, officers, and employees subject to the Ethics Law, and to increase the salaries paid to the agents. Am. 1717.04, 1717.05, 1717.06, and 1717.07

HB 279

VEHICLE INSURANCE (Henne, M.) To generally prohibit individuals who do not maintain statutory minimum levels of automobile insurance from collecting noneconomic damages for harm sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Am. 4509.105

HB 280

BALANCED BUDGET (Kraus, S., Koehler, K.) To adopt the Compact for a Balanced Budget and to declare an emergency. En. 2.01

HB 281

TAX DEDUCTION (Rogers, J.) To enact the "Blair Deduction" to allow recent college graduates to claim an income tax deduction for qualified higher education expenses. Am. 5747.01 and to enact section 5747.82

HB 282

PREVAILING WAGE (Roegner, K., Hood, R.) To repeal the Prevailing Wage Law. Am. 121.083, 123.281, 164.07, 176.011, 307.022, 307.671, 307.673, 307.674, 307.696, 351.06, 353.03, 1311.25, 1506.44, 1509.071, 1710.02, 5540.03, and 6117.012; to repeal sections 176.05, 4115.03, 4115.031, 4115.033, 4115.034, 4115.04, 4115.05, 4115.06, 4115.07, 4115.071, 4115.08, 4115.09, 4115.10, 4115.101, 4115.11, 4115.12, 4115.13, 4115.131, 4115.132, 4115.133, 4115.14, 4115.15, 4115.16, 4115.21, 4115.99, and 6121.061

HB 283

DNA TESTING (Fedor, T.) To require DNA testing for misdemeanor convictions of voyeurism, public indecency, procuring, soliciting, loitering to engage in soliciting, and prostitution. Am. 2901.07

HB 284

RETIREMENT BENEFITS (Dovilla, M., Anielski, M.) To add extortion and perjury and certain federal offenses to the offenses that may result in forfeiture or termination of public retirement system benefits. Am. 145.27, 145.572, 145.573, 742.41, 742.463, 742.464, 2329.66, 2901.43, 2929.192, 2929.193, 3305.08, 3305.11, 3305.12, 3305.20, 3307.20, 3307.372, 3307.373, 3309.22, 3309.672, 3309.673, 5505.04, 5505.262, and 5505.263 and to enact sections 2901.432, 2901.433, 2901.434, and 2927.28

HB 285

PRESCRIPTION REFILLS (Sprague, R.) To authorize pharmacists to dispense multiple refills of a prescription simultaneously under certain circumstances. Am. 4729.40

HB 286

MARRIAGE (Vitale, N.) To provide that an ordained or licensed minister or religious society is not required to solemnize a marriage and a religious society is not required to allow any building or property of the religious society to be used to host a marriage ceremony if the marriage does not conform to the ordained or licensed minister's or religious society's sincerely held religious beliefs, to provide that an ordained or licensed minister or religious society is not subject to civil or criminal liability for such a denial, and to provide that the state and political subdivisions may not penalize or withhold benefits to an ordained or licensed minister or religious society for such a denial. Am. 3101.08

HB 287

SUMMER JOBS (Barnes, J.) To require the Director of Development Services to establish a youth summer jobs pledging initiative to increase access to summer employment opportunities for high school and college youth. Am. 122.043

HB 288

ANSWERING POINTS (Henne, M., Rezabek, J.) To require the statewide emergency services internet protocol network steering committee to update the operational standards for public safety answering points En. 128.021

HB 289

DEATH PENALTY (Antonio, N., Antani, N.) To abolish the death penalty. Am. 9.07, 120.03, 120.06, 120.14, 120.16, 120.18, 120.24, 120.26, 120.28, 120.33, 120.34, 1901.183, 2152.13, 2152.67, 2301.20, 2307.60, 2701.07, 2743.51, 2901.02, 2909.24, 2929.02, 2929.13, 2929.14, 2929.20, 2929.61, 2930.03, 2930.06, 2930.16, 2937.222, 2941.021, 2941.14, 2941.148, 2941.401, 2941.43, 2941.51, 2945.06, 2945.13, 2945.21, 2945.25, 2945.33, 2945.38, 2949.02, 2949.03, 2953.02, 2953.07, 2953.08, 2953.09, 2953.10, 2953.21, 2953.23, 2953.71, 2953.72, 2953.73, 2953.81, 2967.03, 2967.05, 2967.12, 2967.13, 2967.19, 2967.193, 2967.26, 2967.28, 2971.03, 2971.07, 5120.113, 5120.53, 5120.61, 5139.04, 5149.101, and 5919.16 and to repeal sections 109.97, 120.35, 2725.19, 2929.021, 2929.022, 2929.023, 2929.024, 2929.03, 2929.04, 2929.05, 2929.06, 2945.20, 2947.08, 2949.21, 2949.22, 2949.24, 2949.25, 2949.26, 2949.27, 2949.28, 2949.29, 2949.31, and 2967.08

HB 290

TERMINAL PATIENTS (Sprague, R., Anielski, M.) To permit a physician to treat a terminally ill patient with a drug that is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration and permit a drug manufacturer to provide such a drug to the patient or physician. Am. 1739.05, 4729.291, 4729.51, 4729.57, 4731.22, and 4731.227 and to enact sections 1751.671, 3923.851, 4729.88, 4729.89, and 4731.96

HB 291

JUDGMENT HEARINGS (Young, R., Dever, J.) To require notice and an opportunity for a hearing to a defendant before entry of judgment pursuant to a confession of judgment. Am. 2323.13.

HB 292

FIREFIGHTER DISABILITY (Hagan, C.) To provide that a firefighter who is disabled as a result of specified types of cancer is presumed for purposes of the laws governing workers' compensation and the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund to have incurred the cancer while performing official duties as a firefighter Am. 124.42, 505.374, 505.375, 505.38, 709.012, 737.08, 737.22, 742.38, 4123.57, 4123.68, and 4766.09.

HB 293

ACCESSIBILITY GRANTS (Grossman, C., Stinziano, M.) To create the Home Accessibility Grant Program to be administered by the Director of Development Services, and to make an appropriation. En. 122.631.

HB 294

ABORTION (Patmon, B., Conditt, M.) To require the Department of Health to ensure that state funds and certain federal funds are not used either to perform or promote elective abortions, or to contract or affiliate with any entity that performs or promotes elective abortions. En. 3701.034

HB 295

LICENSE PLATE (Ruhl, M.) To create the "Global War on Terrorism Civilian Service Medal" license plate. En. 4503.536

HB 296

UNION CEREMONIES (Young, R.) To provide that a business is not required to participate in a ceremony creating a union between two persons of the same sex if such participation violates the business's right of conscience or freedom of religion. En. 4112.024

HB 297

TAX CREDIT (Hill, B.) To authorize a refundable income tax credit for current livestock owners who invest in a manure storage or treatment facility or acquire manure application equipment or manure handling and transportation equipment. Am. 5747.98 and to enact section 5747.052

HB 298

DRUG TESTING (Schaffer, T., Maag, R.) To require applicants for unemployment benefits to submit to a drug test under certain circumstances, to require the director of Job & Family Services to operate an Ohio Works First drug testing pilot program and to make an appropriation. Am. 4141.28, 4141.29 and 4141.294

HB 299

AUTISM SCHOLARSHIPS (Blessing, L., Rezabek, J.) To permit the temporary, legal, or permanent custodian of a qualified child to apply for an Autism Scholarship. Am. 3310.41.

HB 300

LICENSE SUSPENSIONS (Baker, N., Manning, N.) To modify the law governing the termination or modification of a lifetime driver's license suspension or a class two suspension that exceeds fifteen years and to specify that a class one driver's license suspension for a specified aggravated vehicular homicide offense begins upon the offender's release from prison. Am. sections 2903.06 and 4510.54.

HB 301

HEALTH CARE (Henne, M., Huffman, S.) To require the Department of Administrative Services to make a high deductible health care plan available to state employees and state elected officials. Am. 124.824

HB 302

ANNEXATION (Henne, M., Butler, J.) To provide that, beginning five years after a type-II annexation is approved, the annexed territory is subject to a fire, police, or EMS tax levy only if the levy is imposed by the subdivision that provides the fire, police, or EMS service to the territory. Am. 09.023


Senate Bills:


SB 174

LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS (Tavares, C.) To grant a person the right to lawfully record any incident involving a law enforcement officer and to impose civil liability upon the state or a local law enforcement agency if a law enforcement officer employed by the state or local law enforcement agency interferes with the recording of the incident, destroys the recording, seizes the recording without a warrant or subpoena or the person's consent, or retaliates against the person who recorded the incident. Am. 2315.18, 2323.43, 2744.02, 2744.03, 2744.04, and 2744.05 and to enact sections 2743.021, 2744.021, and 2744.022

SB 175

TRUST COMPANY LAW (Eklund, J.) To create the Ohio Family Trust Company Act. Am. 1121.30 and to enact sections 1112.01, 1112.02, 1112.03, 1112.06, 1112.07, 1112.08, 1112.11, 1112.12, 1112.13, 1112.14, 1112.15, 1112.17, 1112.18, 1112.19, 1112.20, 1112.21, 1112.24, 1112.27, 1112.28, 1112.29, 1112.32, and 1112.33

SB 176

LICENSE PLATES (Uecker, J.) To modify the requirements related to nonstandard license plates. Am. 4503.77 and 4503.78 and to enact section 4503.771

SB 177

MEDICAL RECORDS (Jordan, K.) To prohibit a physician from submitting patient medical records to an electronic database maintained by another party without patient authorization and from asking a patient about firearm ownership or possession. Am. 3798.04 and to enact sections 4731.74 and 4731.78

SB 178

PRISON TERMS (Schiavoni, J., Gentile, L.) To impose a mandatory prison term of one, two, three, four, or five years on an offender who is convicted of or pleads guilty to a felony that includes, as an essential element, purposely causing or attempting to cause the death of or physical harm to another, if the indictment, count in the indictment, or information charging the offense specifies that the offense resulted in serious physical harm to a person who was less than 13 years of age. Am. 2903.11 and 2929.14 and to enact section 2941.1424

SB 179

BRIDGE NAMING (Hite, C.) To designate the "Lt. Col. Ralph D. Cole Memorial Bridge" within the municipal corporation of Findlay. En. 5534.70

SB 180

EMPLOYMENT STATUS (Uecker, J.) To prohibit an employer from discharging or otherwise discriminating against a person who exercises a constitutional or statutory right within the person's private real property or motor vehicle. Am. 4112.01, 4112.02, 4112.05, 4112.08, and 4112.14

SB 181

FIDUCIARY DUTIES (Obhof, L., Schiavoni, J.) To prescribe the fiduciary duties of corporate and limited liability company officers, to specify that officers are not required for limited liability companies, to permit a written waiver or elimination of the fiduciary duties of limited liability company members, managers, or officers, to clarify when a limited liability company manager's or officer's duties can be the same as a member's duties, to declare the policy of the Limited Liability Company Law generally to give maximum effect to freedom of contract, and to make other changes regarding corporations and limited liability companies. Am. 1701.56, 1701.64, 1705.081, 1705.161, 1705.281, 1705.30, and 1705.48 and to enact sections 1701.641, 1705.031, 1705.291, and 1705.292

SB 182

ROAD NAMING (Balderson, T., Peterson, B.) To designate a portion of United States route twenty-three within Pickaway County as the "Army Specialist Gerald R. Jenkins Memorial Highway" and a portion of United States route sixty-two within Pickaway County as the "Army PFC Kevin C. Ott Memorial Highway." Am. 5534.21 and 5534.22

SB 183

PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS (LaRose, F., Thomas, C.) To amend the requirements related to the licensing and registration of private investigators and security officers. Am. 9.07, 109.78, 2921.51, 2925.01, 3743.06, 3743.19, 4749.01, 4749.02, 4749.021, 4749.031, 4749.05, 4749.06, 4749.07, 4749.08, 4749.09, 4749.10, 4749.11, 4749.13, 4749.99, and 5502.011; to amend, for the purpose of adopting a new section number as indicated in parentheses, section 4749.031 (4749.035); to enact new sections 4749.03, 4749.031, 4749.04, and 4749.12 and sections 4749.032, 4749.033, 4749.034, 4749.041, 4749.061, 4749.062, 4749.063, and 4749.151; and to repeal sections 4749.03, 4749.04, and 4749.12.

SB 184

SEX OFFENDERS (Balderson, T.) To clarify the sex offender registration requirements. Am. 2950.04, 2950.041, 2950.05, and 2950.99

SB 185

IMPROVEMENT DISTRICTS (Seitz, B.) To revise the law governing special improvement districts created for the purpose of developing and implementing plans for special energy improvement projects. Am. 727.01, 1710.01, 1710.02, 1710.021, 1710.03, 1710.04, 1710.05, 1710.06, 1710.061, 1710.07, 1710.11, 1710.12, 1710.13, 4582.06, and 4582.31; to amend, for the purpose of adopting a new section number as indicated in parentheses, section 1710.061 (1710.40); and to enact sections 1710.20, 1710.21, 1710.22, 1710.23, 1710.24, 1710.241, 1710.25, 1710.26, 1710.27, 1710.28, 1710.29, 1710.30, 1710.31, 1710.32, 1710.33, 1710.331, and 1710.34

SB 186

ELECTIONS COMMISSION (LaRose, F., Seitz, B.) To authorize the Ohio Elections Commission to hear complaints regarding violations of the laws prohibiting use of public funds for political campaign purposes, impose civil penalties for violation of those laws, and establish additional enforcement measures for violations of those laws. Am. 9.03, 3315.07, 3517.153, 3517.154, 3517.155, 3517.156, 3517.993, and 3599.40

SB 187

ROAD NAMING (Balderson, T.) To designate a portion of the Nelsonville Bypass of United States Route 33 as the "State Senator C. Stanley Mechem Memorial Highway." Am. 5534.52

SB 188

AWARENESS MONTH (Seitz, B., Tavares, C.) To designate the month of April as "Genocide Awareness Month." En. 5.256

SB 189

ROAD NAMING (Gentile, L.) To designate the portion of U.S. Route 33 known as the Nelsonville Bypass in Hocking County and Athens County as the "Governor Ted Strickland Highway."

SB 190

ROAD NAMING (Gardner, R.) To designate a portion of United States Route 6 within the city of Sandusky as the "Army Specialist Charles E. Odums II Memorial Highway." Am. 5534.25

SB 191

TAX CREDIT (Eklund, J., Cafaro, C.) To authorize a refundable income tax credit for individual investors in a sound recording production company equal to a portion of the company’s costs for a recording production or recording infrastructure project in Ohio.

SB 192

BICYCLE PASSING (Balderson, T.) To provide that when a motor vehicle passes a bicycle the safe passing distance to the left is three feet, and to alter the protocol for proceeding into an intersection that has malfunctioning traffic lights. Am. 4511.132 and 4511.27

SB 193

MICROBEADS (Skindell, M., Gardner, R.) To prohibit the sale of microbeads. Am. 3715.99 and to enact section 3715.522

SB 194

ALTERNATIVE HEALTH (Jordan, K.) Regarding the provision of complementary or alternative health services. Am. 4759.02 and to enact sections 4785.01, 4785.02, 4785.03, 4785.04, and 4785.05

SB 195

SEXUAL CONDUCT (Hughes, J., Hottinger, J.) To prohibit a person from engaging in sexual conduct with an animal and related acts, to provide for the seizure and impoundment of an animal that is the subject of a violation, and to authorize a sentencing court to require an offender to undergo psychological evaluation or counseling. Am. 959.99 and enact 959.21

SB 196

ROAD NAMING (Widener, C.) To designate a portion of state route 72 in Greene county as the "LCPL Brent Turner U.S.M.C. Memorial Highway." En. 5534.26

SB 197

GOVERNOR TRAVEL (Tavares, C.) To prohibit state funds from being used to fund the provision of security by the State Highway Patrol for the Governor when the Governor travels outside the state not for official state business except personal travel, to allow a person to fund the Governor's travels outside the state not for official state business, and to specify that cost and payment information regarding the provision of such security is a public record. Am. 102.04, 149.433, and 2921.43 and to enact sections 5502.021 and 5502.022

SB 198

MUNICIPAL TAXES (Jordan, K.) To prohibit municipal corporations from levying an income tax on nonresidents' compensation for personal services or on net profits from a sole proprietorship owned by a nonresident. Am. 709.023, 718.01, 718.02, 718.03, 718.04, 718.05, and 718.16 and to repeal sections 718.011 and 718.50

SB 199

MILITARY FIREARMS (Uecker, J., Gardner, R.) To specify that an active duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces: (1) does not need a concealed handgun license to carry a handgun concealed if the member is carrying valid military identification and a certificate indicating successful small arms qualification; and (2) may be sold or furnished a handgun if the member has received military or equivalent small arms training. Am. 1547.69, 2923.12, 2923.121, 2923.122, 2923.123, 2923.126, 2923.16, and 2923.21

SB 200

ROAD NAMING (Hughes, J., Bacon, K.) To designate a portion of I-70 in Franklin county as the "Sergeant Adam L. Knox Memorial Highway."

SB 201

NUISANCE LAW (Hughes, J.) To expand nuisance law to apply to any real property, including vacant land, on which an offense of violence has occurred or is occurring. Am. 3767.01.

SB 202

FRONT LICENSE PLATE (Thomas, C.) To specify that failure to display a license plate on the front of a motor vehicle that is required to display a license plate on the front and rear of the vehicle is a secondary traffic offense, to establish a maximum fine of $25 for such an offense, to name this act the "DuBose Was A Beacon Act," and to amend the version of section 4503.21 of the Revised Code that is scheduled to take effect January 1, 2017, to continue the provisions of this act on and after that effective date. Am. 4503.21 and 4511.043.

SB 203

FETAL TISSUE (LaRose, F.) To expand the prohibitions regarding the transfer of the product of human conception which is aborted. Am. 2919.14.

SB 204

DRIVERS LICENSE SUSPENSIONS (Seitz, B.) To make the suspension of an offender's driver's license for a violation of specified drug offenses discretionary rather than mandatory, to authorize a court to terminate a driver's license suspension imposed for specified drug offenses committed out-of-state, to generally authorize a court to terminate a previously imposed mandatory suspension for specified drug offenses, to provide for the discretionary suspension of an offender's driver's license for possessing nitrous oxide in a motor vehicle, and to make consistent the provisions of law governing the ability of a court to grant limited driving privileges. Am. 925.02, 2925.03, 2925.04, 2925.041, 2925.05, 2925.06, 2925.11, 2925.12, 2925.13, 2925.14, 2925.141, 2925.22, 2925.23, 2925.31, 2925.32, 2925.33, 2925.36, 2925.37, 4510.021, 4510.17, and 4510.31

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