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Committee Schedule

May 29, 2015



Although it was a shorter than usual week with offices closed Monday in observance of Memorial Day, the legislature and more specifically the Ohio Senate continues their examination of issues to be considered for the state two year operating budget, HB64.

On Wednesday, the Senate Finance Committee received reports from those serving as Chairman and Ranking Minority Members of the various Finance subcommittees, including Ways and Means Committee, whom have been spending the last four weeks going through various proposals of the state budget. As part of the testimony presented to Finance Committee members, Ways and Means Chairman Sen. Bob Peterson (R-Washington Courthouse) offered this quick analysis of the testimony his committee was provided with, as they studied the various tax policy issues: “I can summarize all of our testimony very clearly in a few quick sentences: people and businesses like tax cuts. People and businesses do not like paying taxes," he said. "That summarizes the four weeks' of testimony we heard. In addition, a good tax plan I hope we can develop over the next few weeks would be pro-growth...it's simple, both simple to administer and simple for the taxpayers filing. It would be transparent: the taxpayers would know what taxes need to pay. It would be fair and equitable. “   

In delivering the report for the minority party members of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, Ranking Minority Member Sen. Charleta Travares (D-Columbus) shared with committee members that her caucus will be offering several tax relief amendments that will be targeted towards helping lower and middle-income families.  Senator Travares went on to explain that there are disagreements between majority and minority party leaders on what issues should receive more support by the state through the upcoming budget and said the Senate Democrat caucus will submit "much needed funding amendments to increase the local government and public library fund to ensure vital services are maintained."

The Senate Finance Committee is still scheduled to begin receiving testimony the week of June 8th from those that have an interest in what is included in the state’s two year spending plan. The league is asking our members to consider arranging time in their upcoming schedules to join us at the Ohio Statehouse as we lobby members of the Ohio Senate to restore financial support to Ohio cities and villages, by restoring funding cuts to the Local Government Fund. State legislators are always grateful for the time our local officials are able to carve-out of their busy schedules, to join in the legislative process by providing testimony in committees, like the Finance Committee, so they can hear firsthand the real challenges faced by our local officials as they facilitate the delivery of crucial services residents and businesses expect every day.  Unfortunately, some members of the legislature are still under the false impression that municipal revenue figures across the board are back to or even higher than revenue collection amounts before the 2008 economic recession or the dramatic cuts in state financial assistance that took place in HB 153, the FY 2010-11 state budget, with the LGF and Estate tax.


For those municipal officials who will be able to join us in the Senate Finance Committee hearing and want to provide their communities story through prepared remarks, testimony should be brief, 5 to 10 minutes in duration so that the committee can get through as many witnesses as possible in a manageable time frame. Chairman Oelslager asks that those giving testimony to please provide his office with a written copy of the testimony 24 hours before the hearing date. The league would be happy to assist in making sure testimony is delivered to the Chairman’s office before the hearing, if municipal witnesses choose to send their testimony to us first. 


As soon as the official public hearing schedule, including dates and times, is released for the week of June 8th by the Senate Finance Committee, we will be sure to alert our members.




Members of the House Economic & Workforce Development Committee heard proponent testimony this week on HB 182, legislation introduced by Rep. Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) that would revise the law governing the creation and operation of Joint Economic Development Districts (JEDDs) including Enterprise Zones. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce delivered the only testimony to committee members and shared with those present their support for the idea of expanding authority to create a JEDD for redevelopment; their support for allowing the option of imposing the JEDD income tax on either residents or businesses; the language in the bill allowing an “opt-out” provision which would permit the owner of a business to be exempt from the JEDD income tax; and that the bill would allow parties included in a JEDD to designate parcels of property to be excluded from the JEDD boundaries.

After reviewing several components of the bill, the league has reached out to the bill sponsor to facilitate a discussion regarding issues that may be a concern for municipalities. We will keep our members updated on future committee action concerning this bill and any changes that may be recommended to address weaknesses with the current version.      


Below is a list of bills recently introduced in the Ohio House and Senate followed by the upcoming hearing schedule for legislative committees next week. Have a safe and pleasant weekend.~



HB 182

DEVELOPMENT ZONES (Schuring, K.) To revise the law governing the creation and operation of joint economic development districts (JEDDs) and enterprise zones. Am. 715.72, 715.79, 715.80, 715.81, 715.82, 715.83, 5709.61, 5709.62, 5709.63, 5709.632, 5709.82, 5733.06, 5733.41, 5747.02, and 5747.41 and to repeal sections 715.73, 715.74, 715.75, 715.76, 715.761, 715.77, 715.771, and 715.78

HB 183 

STUDENT TRUSTEES (Antani, N., Stinziano, M.) To grant student members of the boards of trustees of state universities and the Northeast Ohio Medical University voting power and the authority to attend executive sessions. Am. 3335.02, 3335.09, 3337.01, 3339.01, 3341.02, 3343.02, 3343.06, 3344.01, 3350.10, 3352.01, 3356.01, 3359.01, 3361.01, 3362.01, and 3364.01

HB 184 

MUSIC THERAPISTS (Dovilla, M., Antonio, N.) To require the licensure of music therapists and to require the State Medical Board to regulate the licensure and practice of music therapists. Am. 109.572, 4731.07, 4731.224, 4731.24, 4731.25, 4776.01, and 4776.20 and to enact sections 4780.01 to 4780.15 and 4780.99

HB 185 

ARSON (Koehler, K.) To eliminate lack of the property owner's consent as an element of arson when the property is abandoned real property and to make the consent of the owner of abandoned real property an affirmative defense. Am. 2909.03 and 2909.11

HB 186 

MOTOR FUEL (Burkley, T.) To create a qualified immunity for the dispensing of incompatible motor fuel, to limit the Product Liability Law with respect to motor fuel and motor fuel additives, and to prohibit an insurer from denying a claim on the basis that an underground storage tank is not compatible with a motor fuel if the State Fire Marshal has determined otherwise. Am. 2307.75 and 3737.88 and to enact section 2305.52

HB 187 

ANIMAL TREATMENT (Ginter, T.) To authorize a first responder, emergency medical technician-basic, emergency medical technician-intermediate, emergency medical technician-paramedic, or volunteer firefighter to stabilize an injured animal in an emergency.

HB 188 

PHARMACY (Manning, N., Huffman, S.) To revise the laws governing pharmacist consult agreements and the laws governing the circumstances under which a pharmacist may dispense or sell a drug without a prescription. Am. 4729.01, 4729.281, and 4729.39

HB 189 

VOTER IDENTIFICATION (Brenner, A.) To revise the law concerning the identification an elector must provide in order to cast absent voter's ballots, to vote in person at a polling place, or to cast a provisional ballot. Am. 3501.01, 3503.14, 3503.16, 3503.19, 3503.28, 3505.18, 3505.181, 3505.182, 3505.183, 3509.03, 3509.04, 3509.05, 3509.08, 3511.02, 3511.05, 3511.09, 4507.50, and 4507.52

HB 190 

WIND SETBACKS (Burkley, T., Brown, T.) To permit counties to adopt resolutions establishing an alternative setback for wind farms and to extend by five years the deadlines for obtaining the qualified energy project tax exemption. Am. 5727.75 and to enact sections 4906.21, 4906.211, 4906.212, 4906.213, 4906.214, and 4906.215

HB 191 

CLIENT ASSESSMENTS (Pelanda, D.) Regarding the assessment of a client who has been referred to a community mental health or addiction services provider for treatment related to probation for a criminal offense. Am. 5119.366

HB 192 

SCHOOL SAFETY (Rogers, J., Perales, R.) To require the State Board of Education to adopt rules prescribing standards for safety enhancements to new public and nonpublic school facilities and to require the Ohio School Facilities Commission to revise its construction and design standards to comply with the State Board's standards. Am. 3318.031 and to enact section 3301.80

HB 193 

ADDRESS CONFIDENTIALITY (Clyde, K., Fedor, T.) To establish an address confidentiality program for individuals who reasonably believe that they are in danger of being threatened or physically harmed by another person, to exclude the residential and familial information of a federal law enforcement officer from the definition of a public record, to include federal law enforcement officers among the protected individuals who are authorized to request a public office other than the county auditor to redact the person's address from any record made available to the general public on the internet, and to include those officers among the protected individuals who may request the county auditor to replace the person's name with the person's initials on the general tax list and duplicate. Am. 149.43, 149.45, 319.28, 319.54, 2903.213, 2903.214, 3113.31, 3503.15, and 3509.03 and to enact sections 111.31, 111.32, 111.321, 111.33, 111.34, 111.35, 111.36, 111.37, 111.38, 111.39, 111.40, 2901.44, and 3503.151

HB 194 

PATENT INFRINGEMENT (Roegner, K.) To prohibit a person from engaging in the widespread sending of bad faith, objectively baseless communications of patent infringement and to authorize the Attorney General to investigate and institute a civil action if the Attorney General believes a person has made such assertions of patent infringement. Am. 2307.66 and 2307.67

HB 195 

LICENSE PLATE (Grossman, C.) To create the "Dream Field" license plate. Am. 4501.21 and to enact section 4503.87

HB 196 

HEALTHIER BUCKEYE COUNCILS (Amstutz, R., Derickson, T.) To require boards of county commissioners to establish local healthier buckeye councils; to rename the Ohio Healthier Buckeye Advisory Council the Ohio Healthier Buckeye Council and to expand its duties; to establish the Healthier Buckeye Grant Program; to establish the Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program; and to make changes to the law governing the Prevention, Retention, and Contingency Program. Am. 355.02, 355.03, 355.04, 5101.90, 5101.91, 5101.92, 5108.01, 5108.04, 5108.06, 5108.07, 5108.09, and 5108.11; to amend, for the purpose of adopting new section numbers as indicated in parentheses, sections 5108.03 (5108.05) and 5108.05 (5108.041); to enact new section 5108.03 and sections 5101.901, 5101.902, 5101.93, 5108.021, and 5108.022; and to repeal section 5108.03 of the Revised Code

HB 197 

DRUG SALES (Rezabek, J.) To prohibit the over-the counter sale, without a prescription, of dextromethorphan to a person who is under 18 years of age. Am. 2925.62

HB 198 

HUMANE SOCIETIES (Hambley, S., Johnson, G.) To abolish the humane society's authority to employ an attorney to prosecute certain violations of law dealing with animal cruelty or acts involving mistreatment or nonsupport of children. Am. 2931.18

HB 199 

MOTOR VEHICLE BOARD (Blessing, L., Rezabek, J.) To extend the jurisdiction of the Motor Vehicle Repair Board to persons who perform motor vehicle mechanical repairs, to require motor vehicle repair facilities to register with the Board, and to make other changes to the Motor Vehicle Repair and Window Tint Operator Law, and to further enact new section 4775.03 and repeal section 4775.03 of the Revised Code on January 1, 2016, to dissolve the existing Motor Vehicle Repair Board and replace it with a new board of the same name. Am. 4775.01, 4775.02, 4775.03, 4775.04, 4775.05, 4775.06, 4775.07, 4775.08, 4775.09, 4775.10, and 4775.11

HB 200 

EPINEPHRINE ACCESS (Hagan, C.) To permit epinephrine autoinjectors for which no prescriptions have been written to be stored and accessed for use in case of emergency. Am. 4729.51 and 4729.60 and to enact sections 2925.64, 3728.01, 3728.03, 3728.04, 3728.05, 3728.09, 3728.10, 3728.11, 4723.489, 4729.88, 4730.432, and 4731.96.

HB 201 

UNDERAGE DRINKING (Dever, J., Stinziano, M.) To provide persons under 21 years of age with a qualified immunity from prosecution for offenses involving underage alcohol possession or consumption if law enforcement personnel become aware of the offense solely because the person sought or obtained medical assistance, solely because another individual sought or obtained medical assistance for the person, or because the person requested law enforcement assistance to report a criminal offense, prevent a possible criminal offense, or request the investigation of a criminal offense. Am. 4301.631, 4301.69, and 4301.691 and to enact section 4301.79.

HB 202 

LICENSE PLATES (Sheehy, M.) To create the "Vietnam Veteran" license plate for United States Marine Corps veterans, to create the "Combat Medical Badge" license plates for United States Army veterans, and to authorize the issuance of "Combat Action Medal" license plates. Am. 4503.533 and to enact sections 4503.536 and 4503.537.

HB 203 

STARTUP OHIO (Stinziano, M.) To establish the Startup Ohio initiative in which universities and partnering business may collaborate in tax-free areas near campuses in this state to create jobs, attract entrepreneurs, and spur academic enrichment and to direct the Director of Budget and Management to transfer $100 million to the Ohio Venture Capital Program Fund. Am. 150.03, 322.02, 5739.02, 5739.03, 5747.01, and 5751.01 and to enact sections 195.01 to 195.14 and 5709.071

HB 204 

POLICE TRAINING (Derickson, T., Manning, N.) To prohibit the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission from recommending and the Attorney General from adopting a rule limiting the number of hours of basic training required for peace officers and to generally require all persons newly appointed to a peace officer position to have received a high school diploma or certificate of high school equivalence. Am. 109.73, 109.74, and 109.77.

HB 205 

SELF-INSURING EMPLOYERS (Henne, M., Retherford, W.) To modify the requirements for an employer to become a self-insuring employer for purposes of the Workers' Compensation Law, to transfer authority over the workers' compensation self-insurance program to the Superintendent of Insurance, and to allow certain employers and groups of employers to obtain workers' compensation coverage from a private workers' compensation insurer. Am. 9.315, 1561.04, 1561.31, 1701.86, 1729.55, 2705.05, 2913.48, 3121.01, 3121.0311, 3701.741, 3702.51, 3937.01, 3955.05, 3964.02, 4121.121, 4121.31, 4121.44, 4121.50, 4121.61, 4121.65, 4121.66, 4123.01, 4123.026, 4123.25, 4123.292, 4123.34, 4123.342, 4123.35, 4123.351, 4123.352, 4123.38, 4123.411, 4123.412, 4123.416, 4123.46, 4123.50, 4123.51, 4123.511, 4123.512, 4123.54, 4123.63, 4123.65, 4123.74, 4123.75, 4123.79, 4123.80, 4123.81, 4123.82, 4123.83, 4123.84, 4123.85, 4123.93, 4123.931, 4125.05, and 5119.332; to amend, for the purpose of adopting new section numbers as indicated in parentheses, sections 4123.35 (3971.03), 4123.351 (3971.09), and 4123.352 (3971.12); to enact new sections 4123.35 and 4123.351 and sections 3971.01, 3971.04, 3971.05, 3971.06, 3971.07, 3971.08, 3971.10, 3971.11, and 3971.15; and to repeal section 4123.353.

HB 206 

WORKERS COMPENSATION CLAIMS (Henne, M.) To require the Industrial Commission to keep statistics on individual hearing decisions of contested workers' compensation claims Am. 4121.36.

HB 207 

WORKERS COMPENSATION (Henne, M., McColley, R.) To allow a state fund employer to have a workers' compensation claim that is likely to be subrogated by a third party paid from the surplus fund account in the state insurance fund rather than charged to the employer's experience Am. 4123.291, 4123.93, and 4123.931 and to enact section 4123.932.

HB 208 

IMPORTUNING (Schaffer, T.) To amend the penalties for the offense of importuning. Am. 2907.07.

HB 209 

FALSE ALARMS (Grossman, C.) To include in the offenses of disorderly conduct, inducing panic, making false alarms, and obstructing official business, prohibitions against simulating a crime or creating a condition that causes or intends to cause law enforcement officials to falsely believe that a crime is being committed or causes serious public inconvenience or alarm. Am. 2917.11, 2917.31, 2917.32, and 2921.31.

HB 210 

GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTS (Green, D.) Regarding certain accounts of county agencies and county elected officials. Am. 325.071, 325.12, and 2981.13 and to enact sections 319.70, 319.71, 319.72, and 319.73.

HB 211 

LICENSE PLATE (Patterson, J.) To create the "Street Rod" license plate. Am. 4501.21 and to enact section 4503.555

HB 212 

ACHIEVEMENT TESTS (Thompson, A.) With regard to state achievement assessments, statewide academic content standards and model curricula, and teacher and administrator evaluations. Am. 3301.07, 3301.078, 3301.079, 3301.0710, 3301.0712, 3301.0714, 3301.0715, 3301.0718, 3301.0722, 3302.03, 3302.04, 3302.15, 3311.80, 3311.84, 3313.60, 3313.608, 3313.6017, 3313.6020, 3313.61, 3313.612, 3313.618, 3314.03, 3317.141, 3319.02, 3319.11, 3319.223, 3319.23, 3319.58, 3326.111, 3328.01, and 3333.0411 and to repeal sections 3301.0721, 3319.111, 3319.112, and 3319.114

HB 213 

OCCUPATIONAL LICENSES (Brinkman, T.) To make occupational licenses subject to annual renewal become biennial licenses and to permit a licensee to take continuing education courses online. Am. 1321.05, 1321.08, 1321.20, 1321.52, 1321.532, 1321.536, 1322.041, 1322.052, 3773.36, 3773.42, 3773.43, 4707.071, 4707.10, 4725.16, 4725.17, 4725.171, 4725.34, 4725.51, 4727.03, 4727.19, 4728.03, 4729.11, 4729.12, 4729.15, 4729.52, 4729.54, 4735.06, 4735.09, 4735.14, 4735.141, 4735.27, 4735.29, 4736.11, 4736.12, 4740.04, 4740.05, 4740.06, 4747.05, 4747.06, 4749.03, 4749.031, 4751.06, 4751.07, 4759.06, 4759.08, 4763.05, 4763.06, 4763.07, 4763.08, 4763.09, 4779.19, and 4779.23

HB 214 

PIPING MATERIALS (Thompson, A.) To restrict when a public authority may preference a particular type of piping material for certain public improvements. Am. 153.75

HB 215 

ANIMAL FIGHTS (Sears, B., Bishoff, H.) To prohibit and establish an increased penalty for knowingly engaging in activities associated with cockfighting, bearbaiting, or pitting an animal against another. Am. 959.15 and 959.99

HB 216 

NURSES (Pelanda, D.) To revise the law governing advanced practice registered nurses. 1.64, 1751.67, 2133.211, 2305.113, 2305.234, 2317.02, 2919.171, 2921.22, 2925.61, 3701.351, 3701.926, 3705.16, 3719.06, 3719.121, 3727.06, 3923.233, 3923.301, 3923.63, 3923.64, 4713.02, 4723.01, 4723.02, 4723.03, 4723.05, 4723.06, 4723.07, 4723.08, 4723.09, 4723.10, 4723.151, 4723.16, 4723.24, 4723.25, 4723.271, 4723.28, 4723.32, 4723.341, 4723.36, 4723.41, 4723.42, 4723.432, 4723.44, 4723.46, 4723.481, 4723.482, 4723.486, 4723.487, 4723.488, 4723.49, 4723.491, 4723.71, 4723.88, 4723.99, 4729.01, 4729.39, 4731.22, 4731.281, 4731.35, 4755.48, 4755.481, 4761.17, 5120.55, and 5164.07, to enact section 4723.011, and to repeal sections 4723.43, 4723.431, 4723.47, 4723.48, 4723.484, 4723.485, 4723.492, 4723.50, and 4731.27

HB 217 

MENTAL HEALTH EXAMINATIONS (Ruhl, M.) To authorize certain advanced practice registered nurses to have a person involuntarily transported to a hospital for a mental health examination. Am. 5122.01 and 5122.10

HB 218 

DRONES (Barnes, J.) To regulate the operation of drones near airports and to impose certain record-keeping requirements on retail sellers of drones. Am. 4561.50 and 4561.51

HB 219 

AWARENESS MONTH (Barnes, J.) To designate January as "Thyroid Health Awareness Month." Am. 5.256

HB 220 

GRANTS DEPARTMENT (Barnes, J.) To create the Department of Grants and Philanthropic Gestures. Am. 121.02 and 121.03 and to enact section 121.77

HB 221 

TOBACCO USE (Ruhl, M., Ashford, M.) To revise the law regarding tobacco and nicotine use in public schools and at public school-sponsored functions. Am. 3313.751, 3314.03, 3326.11, and 3328.24

HB 222 

TRANSIT WORKER ASSAULTS (Driehaus, D., Perales, R.) To increase the penalty for assault when the victim is an employee of an Ohio transit system whom the offender knows or has reasonable cause to know is such an employee engaged in the performance of the victim's duties; to permit the court to impose a fine of up to $5000 and a six-month or lifetime prohibition from riding an Ohio transit system for assault committed in such specified circumstances; to authorize Ohio transit systems to post a warning sign indicating that abuse or assault of staff will not be tolerated and might result in a felony conviction; and to increase the penalty for evading payment of the known fares of a public transportation system. Am. 2903.13 and 2917.41 and to enact section 306.20.

HB 223 

ATHLETIC PROGRAMS (Stinziano, M.) To allow minors to be employed by a youth athletic program if certain conditions are satisfied.

HB 224 

ACCOUNTABLE CARE ORGANIZATIONS (Antani, N., Duffey, M.) To require each accountable care organization (ACO) to establish a clinical laboratory testing advisory board and each clinical laboratory that provides services to participants in the ACO to designate a member of the board. En. 3701.862.

HB 225 

ROAD NAMING (Grossman, C., Curtin, M.) To designate a portion of Interstate Route 70 in Columbus as the "Sgt. Jesse Balthaser U.S.M.C. Memorial Highway." En. 5534.20.

HB 226 

HOUSING LIENS (Rogers, J.) To provide that a portion of a condominium or planned community assessment is prior to other liens on condominium units and planned community lots and to provide that a condominium unit owners association lien is a continuing lien. Am. 5311.18 and 5312.12

HB 227 

COSMETOLOGY LAW (Roegner, K., Reece, A.) To make changes to the Cosmetology Licensing Law. Am. 2925.01, 4713.01, 4713.02, 4713.03, 4713.06, 4713.07, 4713.08, 4713.081, 4713.082, 4713.09, 4713.10, 4713.13, 4713.14, 4713.141, 4713.16, 4713.17, 4713.20, 4713.21, 4713.22, 4713.24, 4713.25, 4713.26, 4713.28, 4713.30, 4713.31, 4713.34, 4713.35, 4713.36, 4713.37, 4713.39, 4713.41, 4713.42, 4713.44, 4713.45, 4713.48, 4713.55, 4713.56, 4713.57, 4713.58, 4713.59, 4713.60, 4713.61, 4713.62, 4713.63, 4713.64, 4713.641, and 4713.99 and to enact sections 4713.071, 4713.66, and 4713.69

HB 228 

DRONE USE (Cupp, R.) To prohibit the commission of any of a list of specified offenses by using a drone or by directing or supervising another person's use of a drone. Am. 2981.01 and 2981.02 and to enact section 2917.48

HB 229 

TRUST LAW (Hambley, S., Bishoff, H.) To create the Ohio Family Trust Company Act. Am. 1121.30 and to enact sections 1112.01, 1112.02, 1112.03, 1112.06, 1112.07, 1112.08, 1112.11, 1112.12, 1112.13, 1112.14, 1112.15, 1112.17, 1112.18, 1112.19, 1112.20, 1112.21, 1112.24, 1112.27, 1112.28, 1112.29, 1112.32, and 1112.33

HB 230 

CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY (Sprague, R.) Regarding the practices of chemical dependency counseling and prevention services. Am. 2305.234, 4757.41, 4758.01, 4758.02, 4758.10, 4758.13, 4758.20, 4758.21, 4758.22, 4758.23, 4758.30, 4758.31, 4758.36, 4758.39, 4758.40, 4758.41, 4758.42, 4758.43, 4758.44, 4758.45, 4758.46, 4758.60, and 4758.61

HB 231 

PROPERTY VALUATIONS (Grossman, C., McClain, J.) To require counties, municipal corporations, townships, and school boards that file complaints against the valuation of property they do not own to pass a resolution approving the complaint and specifying the compensation paid to any person retained to represent the county, Municipal Corporation, township, or school board in the matter of the complaint. Am. 5715.19

HB 232 

USE TAX COLLECTIONS (Grossman, C., Scherer, G.) To prescribe new criteria for determining whether sellers are presumed to have substantial nexus with Ohio and therefore required to register to collect use tax, to allow sellers presumed to have substantial nexus to rebut that presumption, and to require a person, before the person enters into a sale of goods contract with the state, to register, along with the person's affiliates, to collect use tax. Am. 5741.01 and 5741.17

HB 233 

REDEVELOPMENT DISTRICTS (Schuring, K.) To authorize municipal corporations to create downtown redevelopment districts and innovation districts for the purposes of promoting the rehabilitation of historic buildings, creating jobs, encouraging economic development in commercial and mixed-use areas, and supporting grants and loans to technology-oriented and other businesses. Am. 133.04, 133.06, 709.024, 709.19, 3317.021, 5501.311, 5709.12, 5709.82, 5709.83, 5709.831, 5709.832, 5709.85, 5709.91, 5709.911, 5709.913, and 5715.27 and to enact sections 1710.14, 1724.12, 5709.45, 5709.46, and 5709.47


SB 157

BICYCLE HELMETS (Jones, S.) To generally require any person under sixteen years of age to wear a helmet while on a bicycle, to require bicycle rental businesses to inform any person under sixteen years of age who rents a bicycle of this requirement and provide helmet rentals, and to provide limited civil immunity for bicycle rental businesses that comply with these requirements. Am. 4511.531

SB 158 

VOTER REGISTRATION (Yuko, K.) To require that eligible persons in certain government and school databases be automatically registered to vote or have their registrations updated automatically unless those persons decline to do so and to create an online voter registration system. Am. 3501.05, 3503.09, 3503.10, 3503.12, 3503.13, 3503.14, 3503.15, 3503.16, 3503.19, 3503.21, 3503.28, 3503.30, 3503.33, 3505.18, 3505.181, 3505.183, 3509.03, 3509.05, 3511.02, 3511.09, 3599.11, and 3599.18 and to enact new section 3503.11 and section 3503.20, and to repeal sections 3503.11, 3503.29, and 3505.22

SB 159 

LICENSE PLATE (Hughes, J.) To create the "Baseball for All" license plate and to require the contributions received from the issuance of such license plates to be used to build, maintain, and improve youth baseball fields within the municipal corporation of Grove City. Am. 4501.21 and to enact section 4503.87.

SB 160 

HOTEL INTERMEDIARIES (Hughes, J., Patton, T.) To require hotel intermediaries to collect and remit applicable sales and use tax on the full amount paid for hotel lodging, to require hotel intermediaries to supply customers with itemized invoices, to specify that a hotel intermediary is presumed to have "substantial nexus" with Ohio if the intermediary arranges lodging at Ohio hotels, and to specify that hotels are not liable for the failure of a hotel intermediary to properly collect or remit applicable taxes. Am. 351.021, 353.06, 5739.01, 5739.09, 5739.12, 5739.13, 5741.01, 5741.12, and 5741.13 and to enact section 5739.081

SB 161 

SEARCH WARRANTS (Oelslager, S.) To authorize probate judges to issue search warrants. Am. 2931.01

SB 162 

DEATH SENTENCES (Seitz, B., Williams, S.) To provide that a person convicted of aggravated murder who shows that the person had a serious mental illness at the time of committing the offense cannot be sentenced to death for the offense and to provide a mechanism for re-sentencing to a life sentence a person previously sentenced to death who proves that the person had a serious mental illness at the time of committing the offense. Am. 929.02, 2929.022, 2929.024, 2929.03, 2929.04, 2929.06, 2953.21, and 2953.23 and to enact section 2929.025

SB 163 

COMMON CORE (Jordan, K.) With respect to the Common Core State Standards academic standards, powers of the State Board of Education, and the distribution of student information. Am. 3301.07, 3301.078, and 3301.0714

SB 164 

SMART METERS (Jordan, K.) To require electric distribution utilities to obtain a customer’s consent prior to installing a smart meter on the customer’s property. Am. 4928.661

SB 165 

LIFE-SUSTAINING TREATMENT (Lehner, P.) To establish procedures for the use of medical orders for life-sustaining treatment and to make changes to the laws governing DNR identification and orders. Am. 2133.02, 2133.21, 2133.211, 2133.23, 2133.24, 2133.25, 2133.26, 3795.03, and 4730.09; to amend, for the purpose of adopting new section numbers as indicated in parentheses, sections 2133.211 (2133.23), 2133.23 (2133.24), 2133.24 (2133.25), 2133.25 (2133.26), and 2133.26 (2133.27); to enact new section 2133.22 and sections 2133.28, 2133.29, 2133.30, 2133.31, 2133.32, 2133.33, 2133.34, 2133.35, 2133.36, 2133.37, 2133.38, 2133.39, 2133.40, 2133.41, 2133.42, 2133.43, 2133.44, 2133.45, 2133.46, and 2133.47; and to repeal section 2133.22

SB 166 

DRILLING PLANS (Gentile, L.) To require the owner of a horizontal well to develop and implement an emergency response plan for the purpose of responding to emergencies at the surface location of the well and to specify what must be included in the plan and to whom and the manner in which it must be submitted. Am. 1509.39 and 1509.391

SB 167 

RECREATIONAL VEHICLES (LaRose, F.) To establish the State Recreational Vehicle Fund Advisory Board for the purpose of providing advice to the Department of Natural Resources regarding the use of state recreational vehicle money and studying the feasibility of establishing a grant program to fund recreational vehicle projects. Am. 1541.50

SB 168 

EDUCATION INFORMATION (LaRose, F.) To require the Education Management Information System to include information regarding persons at whom a student’s violent behavior that resulted in discipline was directed and to require the Department of Education to submit a one-time report to the General Assembly regarding that information. Am. 3301.0714

SB 169 

AWARENESS DAY (LaRose, F.) To designate the fourth Tuesday in September as "Voter Registration Awareness Day." Am. 5.2296

SB 170 

IDENTIFICATION CARDS (Hughes, J.) To provide that any nondriver identification card that is issued to a person who is 80 years of age or older be issued without payment of any fee of any kind and have no expiration date.

SB 171 

COURT PROCEEDINGS (Seitz, B.) To enact the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act. Am. 2319.09 and to repeal section 2319.09

SB 172 

BULLION TAXES (Jordan, K.) To exempt from sales and use taxes the sale or use of investment metal bullion and coins. Am. 5739.02.

SB 173 

SPECIAL ELECTIONS (Jordan, K.) To eliminate the ability to conduct special elections in February and August. Am. 323.17, 3501.01, 5705.194, 5739.021.

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